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If the cleaning and maintenance of acrylic products?
Beautiful green acrylic products gradually occupy the vast majority of our daily necessities, but the home of the old furniture has stood the test of time, the problem has cropped, dirt, scratches, cracks and even deformation, which will people looked very uncomfortable. So how did the cleaning and maintenance of acrylic products have become a headache. Here we are together and we share some of acrylic products, cleaning and maintenance tips:
1. Mildew: James 2% of soap or alcohol solution with a soft cloth or sponge, then wipe with hydrogen peroxide or bleach with 3% -5% of sodium hypochlorite, and finally with water clean.
2, ink stains: Available rice and detergent mix thoroughly coated part rub the stain, then rinse clean; also available in an alcohol, duplicate repeatedly rubbed soap solution made of acrylic (PMMA), have a good effect .
3, ball-point pen stains: general practice is to put a towel under acrylic (PMMA) stains, stained with a little alcohol Shun wire bristle brush gently scrub the stain until dissolved and diffused, soak in cold water, gently scrub with soap cast , so that repeated two or three times, you can basically remove the pen oil. If there were still a few remnants washed reusable hot soapy water or boiled to remove.
4, red ink stains: a new stain first with cold water, then warm soap soak for a while, then rinse; Chen stains can be washed with detergent, then 10% alcohol solution rubbed acrylic (PMMA) that is You can get rid of.